The International Network on Explosive Weapons (INEW) is an NGO partnership calling for immediate action to prevent human suffering from the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.

Explosive weapons include improvised explosive devices (IEDs) as well as explosive ordnance such as mortars, rockets, artillery shells and aircraft bombs.  These weapons use blast and fragmentation to kill and injure people in the area around the point of detonation. When used in public places, this area-effect means that innocent people are often severely affected.  Data indicate that between 80 and 90% of those killed and injured are civilians; still more are affected when there is damage to vital infrastructure (such as schools, hospitals, housing and water and sanitation systems).

INEW believes that this suffering can be reduced and unnecessary deaths and injuries prevented.  We are calling on states and other actors to face up to this problem as a policy challenge, to meet the needs of victims and survivors, to review their national practices and to come together to develop stronger international standards to curb this pattern of violence.  INEW members undertake research and advocacy to promote greater understanding of the problem and the concrete steps that can be taken to address it.