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About the process

In October 2019 Austria hosted an international conference on Protecting Civilians in Urban Warfare. At the close of the conference, Ireland announced it would hold a series of consultations with a view towards developing a political declaration to address the humanitarian harm arising from the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.


  • The first consultation took place on 18 November 2019 in Geneva.
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  • The second consultation was held on 10 February 2020 in Geneva.
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  • The next round of consultations are scheduled for 3-5 March 2021 and will be held online.
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Negotiation news


Consultation 1

Consultation 2

The agenda will closely follow the structure of the Draft Elements text circulated by Ireland which is structured as follows:

Part A (Preamble)

  • Section 1: Problems and Challenges
  • Section 2: International Humanitarian Law

Part B (Operative Section)

  • Sections 3 & 4: Operational and Other Commitments

The INEW statement to the consultations can be found here

INEW's summary of the discussion can be found here

Consultation 3

The next round of consultations were held 3-5 March 2021 and, taking account of relevant public health guidance, were held online.
In January, Ireland circulated a letter explaining the next steps in the consultations process along with a new draft political declaration text on which they have requested input.
INEW's commentary on the draft is available here, and our written submission to Ireland is available here.
INEW has also issued a press release ahead of the resumption of negotiations.


Statements given by INEW to the third round of consultations can be found here:

Part A (Preamble)

Part B (Operative Section)

We also broadcast short video commentary on proceedings:



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