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Statement during the General Debate of the 72nd Session of the UN General Assembly First Committee, 2017:

“Finally, we must address the indiscriminate use of Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas. Civilians, including humanitarian workers and medical personnel, along with civilian infrastructure, are being indiscriminately attacked. We must continue to work to strengthen compliance with International Humanitarian Law through education, accountability, and sharing of best practices.”

Statement during February 2014 Security Council Open Debate on the Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict:

“We wish to draw special attention today to the urgent need to address the impact of the indiscriminate use of explosive weapons, and in particular their impact on children. As the report of the Secretary-General highlights, in Syria and in far too many other conflicts, tens of thousands of civilians have been targeted or subjected to indiscriminate attacks, including the widespread use of explosive weapons in densely populated areas. Opportunities to strengthen civilian protection in that regard should include creating stronger political barriers to the use of indiscriminate explosive weapons and building recognition among parties to conflict that the use of such weapons should be avoided, particularly in densely populated areas.”

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