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Invitation to Respond to State Survey on the Implementation of the Political Declaration

The first international review conference on the implementation of The Political Declaration on Strengthening the Protection of Civilians from the Humanitarian Consequences Arising from the Use of Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas will be hosted by Norway in Oslo on 22-24 April 2024. Ahead of the conference, INEW is conducting a survey to review national efforts made by states to disseminate and implement the Declaration since it was adopted in Dublin.

The survey is available here in English, Español and Français

The survey focuses on states’ efforts toward national dissemination of the Declaration; their review of, updates to and development of policies, laws, doctrine, and changes to practise, in line with the commitments set out in the Declaration.

A response on behalf of your government to this survey as an endorsing state will contribute to your country’s efforts to uphold the commitments set out in the Declaration, in particular on its adoption and effective implementation. This includes by regularly reviewing, exchanging and compiling in a collaborative spirit good policies and practices.

The Explosive Weapons Monitor requests that responses be submitted by 9 March 2024, by email, letter or by completing our online survey form.

Send responses by email to Camilla Molyneux at Alternatively, we would be happy to speak directly. If this is preferable to you please contact Camilla Molyneux.

Responding to the survey 

Please respond to the survey to the best of your ability, and/or share it with the person(s) best positioned to respond in your government. When responding, please consider how to implement core commitments of the Declaration by:

  • Strengthening the protection of civilians from the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.
  • Setting out when, and how, to restrict or refrain from the use of explosive weapons in populated areas, in order to avoid civilian harm.
  • Stipulating how to take into account the direct and indirect/reverberating effects on civilians and civilian objects in the planning of military operations and the execution of attacks in populated areas.
  • Establishing processing for collecting and sharing data on the use and effects of explosive weapons in populated areas.
  • Ensuring the provision of assistance to conflict-affected populations, and respond to the direct and indirect/reverberating effects of the use of explosive weapons.

Your response will enable the Explosive Weapons Monitor to accurately report and highlight your state’s progress towards disseminating and  implementing the commitments set out in the Declaration.

Use of survey responses

The survey has been shared with all states that have endorsed the Declaration. The information collected through the survey will be published in a report ahead of the Oslo conference and used by the Explosive Weapons Monitor to track states’ implementation of the commitments set out in the Declaration.

Publication of survey findings

We aim to publish findings from the surveys ahead of the Oslo Conference. If required, we can share draft sections of the report that reference your state ahead of publication, if you inform us by 9 March.





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