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Launch of the Explosive Weapons Monitor 

The International Network on Explosive Weapons (INEW) is launching a new civil society initiative – the Explosive Weapons Monitor – that will conduct research and analysis on harms from and practices of explosive weapon use for INEW. 

Research by civil society organisations into humanitarian impacts and civilian harms from the use of explosive weapons has underpinned much of INEW’s work and that of its members over the past decade since INEW was established. Data collection and research on the impacts of explosive weapon use has helped to place critical attention on the grave humanitarian consequences, and enhance our collective understandings of the devastating impact it frequently has on civilians and the environment. 

Analysis of data and research has helped to identify patterns of harms, and trends – most notably to highlight that when explosive weapons are used in towns, cities and other populated areas, it is civilians that bear the brunt. This in turn, has helped to highlight the need for an effective response that will prevent civilian harm and suffering from the use of explosive weapons in populated areas. 

The Explosive Weapons Monitor will provide a strategic framework to conduct research and analysis into harms from explosive weapon use, including direct, indirect and reverberating effects and a website to house research undertaken by INEW-affiliated organisations as well as other authors . It will also monitor state responses to this, including in relation to the political declaration, which can help to promote positive state engagement in policy and practice towards strengthening the protection of civilians.

The Explosive Weapons Monitor will issue the first edition of our new monthly bulletin that will publish data on incidents of explosive weapon use, civilian casualties and the impact on access to aid, education and healthcare for the previous month. You can read and subscribe to the bulletin here via our new website: 

We are planning a full launch of this initiative in 2022, including events for interested partners and collaborators from civil society, international organisations, academic and practitioners, and governments. 

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