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Implementation Framework

INEW’s Implementation Framework on the Political Declaration aims to provide governments and their armed forces with a non-exhaustive series of guiding questions and recommendations to assist them in determining the most appropriate way to implement the Political Declaration. It can also assist other interested parties, such as international and civil society organisations, that may be involved in supporting implementation of the Declaration. 

The document outlines questions and recommendations for dissemination of the Declaration within states’ respective governments and armed forces, the development of national policy and procedure and adherence to commitments, and includes sections on how to:

  • Disseminate and promote the declaration at the national level
  • Review and develop national policy and practice 
  • Adopt policies and practices to limit explosive  weapons use in populated areas
  • Limit the effects of explosive weapons on civilians and civilian objects, including essential infrastructure, in the planning and conduct of military operations
  • Collect and share data 
  • Assist victims and communities affected by armed conflict
  • Promoting the declaration, its adoption and implementation by other states and adherence by all parties to armed conflict

Read and download the Implementation Framework here.

Written by Kaya Nadesan

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