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‘Friends of Syria’ group raise concerns over use of explosive weapons in Syria

The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria, fuelled by the widespread use of explosive weapons by both government forces and non-state armed groups has prompted states and international organisations to call for an end to the use of ‘heavy weapons’ in ‘urban areas’.

Recently the Friends of Syria group or ‘London 11′ including the UK, Egypt, France, Germany, Jordan, Italy, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and the United States, issued a communiqué on 22 October condemning “the regime’s escalating indiscriminate attacks, including … SCUD missiles, air and artillery strikes”. The communiqué also called on the Syrian regime to “end the siege of urban areas and the indiscriminate attacks against civilians, in particular through air bombardment and the use of ballistic missiles, cluster bombs and explosive barrels”.

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