INEW press release: shelling of populated areas under the spotlight

Shelling of populated areas under the spotlight as Security Council debates protection of civilians (London / New York, 9 November 2011) As the United Nations Security Council convenes a high level debate on the protection of civilians today, a coalition of non-governmental organisations is calling on states to take immediate action against bombings in populated areas. In Côte D’Ivoire, Libya, Syria and other locations in 2011, shelling and rocket attacks into populated areas have had a deadly impact on civilians.... Read more

INEW press briefing, Geneva

INEW members Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) and Save the Children presented new reports at a press briefing in Geneva with Thomas Nash, INEW Communications Coordinator and Richard Moyes, INEW Policy Coordinator also speaking. Nash introduced the briefing, Esther Cann (AOAV) and Nick Martlew (Save the Children) presented their reports and Richard Moyes gave some remarks on the establishment of INEW and its messaging around more data gathering and transparency from states. The reports are AOAV:  100 Incidents of Humanitarian... Read more