Gaza highlights need for new international commitment on the use of explosive weapons in populated areas

The use of explosive weapons in populated areas was by far the leading cause of deaths and injuries to civilians during the conflict in Gaza and Israel in July and August. The situation has been intolerable for civilians. Bombardment and shelling has damaged schools and hospitals, and destroyed vital infrastructure. Beyond the immediate suffering, the long-term costs will be severe. The following data is drawn from an United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs situation report, dated 5 August 2014.... Read more

Article 36: The impact of explosive weapons in Gaza

The ongoing violence in Israel and Gaza illustrates again the urgent need for the international community to set  stronger standards regarding the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.  The use of heavy explosive weapons in places where civilians are concentrated creates a predictable pattern of harm. Regardless of the political complexity, the overall legality of the military actions being undertaken, or the legality of specific attacks, this pattern of harm must be recognised as unacceptable as a starting point... Read more