armed violence

12 months of data on explosive weapons

In advance of the next UN Security Council debate on the Protection of Civilians on 9 November, INEW founding member Action on Armed Violence has published a summary of data gathered by its Explosive Violence Monitoring Project from 1 October 2010 to 30 September 2011.   The data from 74 countries shows that there have been 20,644 civilian casualties and 85% of all casualties in populated areas were civilians.   Click here to view the factsheet: EVMP 12-month factsheet.  

Red Cross report highlights impact of explosive weapons on healthcare

A new report ‘Healthcare in Danger’ released by the International Committee of the Red Cross this week highlights the impact of violence on the provision of healthcare. Many of the findings point to the use of explosive weapons as a key form of violence posing concerns to healthcare providers. The report has generated substantial international media coverage. In their analysis of 655 violent events affecting healthcare providers over two and a half years, the report authors have disaggregated data to... Read more