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Statement during UN General Assembly First Committee Debate on Conventional Weapons, October 2015:

“Asimismo, quisieramos expresar nuestra preocupacion por el uso de armas explosivas en zonas pobladas, y las consecuencias humanitarias devastadoras, y recordamos la importancia de respetar el Derecho Internacional Humanitario asi como la responsabilidad de los Estados de proteger a sus poblaciones civiles.”

Statement during the June 2015 Open Debate on Children and Armed Conflict:

“We firmly condemn the use of explosive weapons in densely populated urban areas, because this increases the vulnerability of children, resulting in an increased number of deaths and incidents of mutilation, as well as prolonged suffering, destruction and chaos. We must incorporate provisions concerning the protection of children in ceasefire negotiations as well as peace agreements.”

Written statement distributed during the February 2013 Security Council Debate on Children and Armed Conflict:

“However, we continue to be concerned with many specific issues. Among these, I would mention the following: […] the increasing use of explosives of ample coverage in dense populations centers or areas where populations converge, such as markets, schools and religious places of worship […].”

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