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Statement during the May 2017 UN Security Council Open Debate on the Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict:

“Fourthly, the ongoing efforts to end violence against women and children in armed conflict must enlist the support of all State and non-State actors. The underlying causes of forced displacements during armed conflict need to be addressed through inclusive multidimensional and comprehensive approaches. Medical facilities, educational institutions, specialist schools and places of worship should be kept out of harm’s way in the planning and conduct of hostilities. The use of explosive weapons with wide-area effects needs to be avoided in populated areas, considering their humanitarian impact. In certain contexts, peacekeepers and humanitarian workers can operate in tandem to gather information, raise awareness and respond to the needs of those affected.”

Statement during the February 2013 Security Council Debate on Children and Armed Conflict:

“We are deeply concerned by the availability and use of arms and explosive weapons in populated areas as a violation of international law, by increasing threats against the security of health care facilities and the delivery of health care services, and by the failure to comply with international humanitarian law.”

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