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In October 2019 Austria hosted an international conference on Protecting Civilians in Urban Warfare. At the close of the conference, Ireland announced it would hold a series of consultations with a view towards developing a political declaration to address the humanitarian harm arising from the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.


  • The first consultation took place on 18 November 2019 in Geneva.
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  • The second consultation was held on 10 February 2020 in Geneva.
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  • The next round of consultations are scheduled for 3-5 March 2021 and will be held online.
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Negotiation news


Consultation 1

Consultation 2

The agenda will closely follow the structure of the Draft Elements text circulated by Ireland which is structured as follows:

Part A (Preamble)

  • Section 1: Problems and Challenges
  • Section 2: International Humanitarian Law

Part B (Operative Section)

  • Sections 3 & 4: Operational and Other Commitments

The INEW statement to the consultations can be found here

INEW's summary of the discussion can be found here

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