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UN side event hosted by Austria and INEW

The use of explosive weapons in populated areas has been identified as a significant cause of harm to civilians in conflicts around the world. The bombardment and shelling of towns and cities has continued to cause widespread civilian casualties, displacement, and destruction of infrastructure, often forcing the survivors to become internally displaced persons or refugees.

This briefing, on Thursday 6 October at the UN in New York, will provide an update from the government of Austria and members of the International Network on Explosive Weapons (INEW) on actions needed to address this harm and the violation of international humanitarian law, including the development of an international political declaration to halt the use of explosive weapons with wide area effects.

Speakers include:

  • Ambassador Thomas Hajnoczi, Government of Austria
  • Martin Butcher, Oxfam International
  • Roos Boer, PAX
  • Laura Boillot, INEW coordinator

The briefing will be held on: Thursday, 6 October 2016,  13.15 – 14.30 Conference Room F (formerly CR 13)

Download the flyer for this event.

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