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INEW intersessional side event: ‘Protecting civilians from the use of explosive weapons in populated areas’

This event will take place between 13.15-14.30, at the World Meteorological Organisation building in Geneva, Switzerland.

There will be contributions from Rob Perkins of Action on Armed Violence (AOAV), who will discuss the latest global humanitarian impact data from AOAV’s Explosive Weapon Survey.

A representative of Handicap International (HI) will speak on HI’s documentation of the impact of explosive weapons in Syria, highlighted in two recent reports on the situation in Kobani and across Syria as a whole.

Christine Wille of Insecurity Insight will give insights on the impact of the use of explosive weapons by conflict parties on the work of humanitarian agencies.

Anna Crowe of the Harvard International Human Rights Clinic will present a new report jointly produced with Human Rights Watch reviewing the options for ahieving an international political commitment on the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.

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