New report on a workshop examining military policies and practices on the use of explosive weapons in populated areas, 2-3 May 2018

The use of explosive weapons in populated areas has been identified as a key issue on the protection of civilians agenda by states and organisations over recent years. On 2-3 May 2018, Article 36 and CIVIC convened a workshop to gather military and civilian perspectives, and to identify, share and discuss military policies and procedures relevant to the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.

Such operational policies and procedures provide guidance for armed forces including over the choice of weapons and how weapons can be used. These policies and procedures to assess, reduce, and mitigate civilian harm are an important mechanism for ensuring the implementation of international humanitarian law (IHL), and are the central focus of this report. This paper summarizes some of the key presentations and discussions from the workshop.

Report on EWIPA policy and practice workshop

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